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Behind the great experience Ninja Rugby provides is a line up of amazing people who make it possible - our players.  We may come from different places, but we are connected by our love for rugby and spirit of camaraderie.  We find the knowledge, passion, kindness, and encouragement of our teammates to be greater than any other group of girls we know.


We think Ninja Rugby is something you might enjoy too.  Here's what inspired us to become part of the Ninja Rugby family and the impact joining can have for you.

Emily Edwards

// NINJA SINCE 2014 //


I joined the Ninjas to continue to play a sport I love with the people who have made me love it. The Ninjas are a friendly, inclusive team that is always willing to take on new members, no matter what their skill level is. I have had so much fun growing and learning with this team and seeing our success grow every year is amazing. If someone is looking to try something new or get back into rugby the Ninjas are the perfect team!

Ashley Allen

// NINJA SINCE 2014 //


I began playing as a freshman in college. When I first got to college I found it difficult to make friends easily. As a three sport athlete in high school, I jumped at the chance to join a new team in college when an acquaintance asked me to come to a practice with her one day.


Rugby has become one of the biggest parts of my life. I've met my best friends, I've traveled around the country and found a home in the rugby community with the Ninjas. The Ninjas are my sisters and I am honored to be a part of this group of extraordinary ladies!

Sarah Francis

// NINJA SINCE 2009 // Treasurer


I play rugby because it keeps me connected to a community of people. It has allowed me to make instant and life long friends throughout my years of playing. Rugby as a game is competitive and fierce on the field but has a sense of community and great social aspect off the field.

Mia Kenney

// NINJA SINCE 2010 // Forwards Captain


I had been a two sport athlete throughout high school and most of my life. I had thought about finding a club to play with in college but wanted a change. I decided on rugby because I thought it would be interesting, and I honestly wanted to see if I was tough enough. Most days I am, but I have been knocked down a little bit in my 8 years playing. But I learned how to pick myself back up.

Finding rugby was easily the best thing that I have ever done. I have learned some of the most important lessons about friendship, support, determination, resilience, and humility.  I have made life long friendships and found a sport that has challenged and rewarded me in countless ways.

Lexi Craine

// NINJA SINCE 20-- //


Why I play rugby: It’s the most inclusive, learnable sport, with the most supportive and accepting community. It creates instant gratification to all hard work and skills learned. It promotes 100% teamwork.